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What are some new  AI tools that have come in animation ?

The openAI (open artificial intelligence) artificial intelligence was created in december 2015. The main aim of  AI is creation and promotion. It is user friendly. Now with the use of advanced technology and  techniques.  AI animation has proved to be a very handy tool for animators. It also generates new life into the animation. AI tools that have come in animation. It introduces more interactive and innovative  ways.  Use of AI in animation can create more realistic character movements. AI applications give their  results in saving a real amount of time. Work that previously took days to complete can now be completed in a few hours with the help of AI. AI is used to improve animation quality. The main aim is to use an AI tool in animation , it reduces the cost. 

Here are some new  AI tools that have come in animation ?

  • Cascadeur:-  It is an animation software. This software is for both beginner and professional. Through this AI 3D animation software, you can create realistic models and action scenes. The interface is user-friendly. You can access the video at any time by pressing the home icon. In the sample tab you can find a set of scenes with characters and animation. You can also pole dolls and right click to zoom in or zoom out. Click the mouse down button to move the camera. If we choose to display all these objects all at once in a view post. 
  • The new AI paper called monster mash.  If you want to quickly create flame model animation then this software is very useful. But basically this software is a demo version. By using this software we can easily create 3D characters or 3D models. Users have to enter the name of the software on Google, after that first open the site. You can use this software anywhere, either on mobile or desktop. After you open that software, you have to click on Help. After clicking, you will get to see many tutorial videos so that you can easily create your animation in a customized manner. You will also get many examples in this software. So that you can understand it easily. When the user does it manually, he gets a blank  canvas, in which a file has to be opened. You can easily draw whatever image you want. After drawing you have to click on the second option. As soon as you click, the image will be converted to 3D. It also has a limitation that once it is drawn, we cannot change the volume.
  • Runway: In this tool you can create the image into video. After login to this website, After that you will click on the AI magic tool. Now you can click on the inpainting tool and after that you can upload your video. You have to paint the object which you want to disappear with your brush. After waiting for some time the result will be in front of you.
  • Ostagram:-  Fusion of Art and Imagination Create stunning hybrid images with This is a website where you can create a single photo by merging two photos. Let us understand with an example, here you have to take a photo of yourself and also choose a graphical image. After that you can just move the image according as much as you want. 
  • Deepmotion:- This software is very good for 3D animation. Here we explain the entire process step by step. First of all you create an account to animate your video. Click the sign up button. After that, create a 3D character after login to your account. Click the 3D animation menu. Now you can click on the 3D models menu. You can see many  examples. After that you can choose your body type. You can upload your photo to convert into a 3D avatar. Or you can choose with a photo option. Select the avatar model and next to proceed. You can customize the skin color based on basic shape. Once everything is set click the next button. After that you can register or choose without signing up. Finally enter your character names and click the save button to store all the information. Now you can generate 3D AI animation. Deepmotion dashboard go to the animate 3D and click on 3D models. Click the create animation button. You can choose your video. Rename your file if needed, trim or crop the video. Once done click the save button. Go to the video output menu and enable MP4 output studio. Uncheck the  included original video and change the custom background according to your preference. Set your camera mode in a cinematic . and enable and disable output if it desires. Now ready to click the create button into a video in 3D animation. After getting ready for the video then you can click on the download button. 
  • Clipdrop:- First of all open the website. As soon as the website opens, you will get an option stable diffusion XL. You have to click on it. As soon as you click, you will see the variety of images that are stable. You want to change the style of generating image clicks. The note style button near the generate button. After choosing the style you want, click regenerate all images. Now we will get a different set of images. You can now download the images. With this you will see an option of tools in the clipboard where you will get many options. Such as a cleanup tool. With the help of this tool you can remove your object people or text. So here you can directly upload your image. Then you have to scale that image down and select the object, that object will be removed from there.
  • It is one of the easiest features. When  the user opens this website, he will get the option to sign in. As soon as you sign in, the dashboard will open in front of the user. There you have the option to create video. Then you have to click on it. After that  the tutorial video appears in front of you. If you do not choose the tutorial video then you can also skip it. You will get the option there as to what kind of video you want to make. The options will be horizontal, vertical, or square type video. It is the user’s choice as to which video type he selects. Then after selecting, you will get many options from which you have to choose the animation. Then you have to select the category. Then you have to click on write my own script. You will have to copy paste the script that you have ready. Here you have to select your voice and then click on Next.
  • Powtoon:-  This is a software with which we can make presentations. You can also convert it into a PDF file, and you can also create animation videos. You can also login to this software through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. As soon as you login, you will get customized videos on the home page itself. If you click on the template you will find a lot of options. You will also get templates here in a very easy way, using them you can just change the words. Here you can choose the character as per your choice. And you can also add animation to it. Let us understand from an example, if you have a cartoon character of a baby, then you can show it in 2 poses. Either he is crying, and secondly he is happy. The special thing is that you can also change the seconds here. 

As you noticed in the list above, there are several sites that have something specific to offer. You can use this site easily and make the animated video in very less time. 

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