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What is Search engine optimization and why is it important for websites?

Two words make up search engine optimization. The first is search engine and the second is optimization. Now let’s first talk about search engines, what is a search engine? People call a software system used to search or find information from the World Wide Web, that is, the Internet, a search engine. Now what is optimization, optimization means using something perfectly or in other words making the best use of something. So what it means to say here is that we do the best optimization of search engines. That is, we use search engines in a better way for our benefit. 

Now here we understand with an example, if someone has a business. Then he would not want that whenever any person types anything related to his business or service. In any search engine, his website should appear on the top. So this is the best use of search engines which we do in search engine optimization.

Now the question comes here, can we optimize the search engine?

Developers have created a search engine after a lot of hard work, and it forms a very secure network. Like we take an example of Google. Can we play out  with Google’s backend, or bring our website to the top by changing the algorithm or coding? No, you cannot do this. so if I talk in very simple language, you do not optimize the search engine. In the search engine but you manage your website. So that you can take best advantage of search engines.

What is the type of Search engine optimization ?

Here you get 2 types of SEO, the first is on page SEO and the second is off page SEO. How do we know whether we are doing on-page SEO or off-page SEO?

We perform SEO or optimization on our website’s web pages. You can also say that we call the optimization under our control “on-page SEO.” The SEO that happens on your pages, whether I talk about its structure or HTML, content, keyword reach, images optimization or URL, these are the things that you can control. We can call this on page SEO. Now on the other hand we talk about off page SEO, the optimization which you do by going outside your website i.e. by going to another website on another server, we call it off page SEO. In off-page SEO, we can create backlinks, establish domain authority, link to social media, and perform form submissions, among other activities.

What are the techniques that we used in Search engine optimization ?

What are the things in technical SEO which we use a lot, mostly in technical SEO white hat is used a lot, in black hat we do not go so much. Considered a lot in technical SEO is the speed or load time of your webpage. Speed ​​plays a very important role in SEO. This is seen in how we correct it. Apart from that, correcting the HTML for better crawling, creating a robust structure for your website. Along with this, add some important tags for our website or some redirects like 301, 302, 404. So that our website ranks on the right landing page. Apart from that, make your website mobile friendly. Because nowadays 60% of Google users’ traffic comes from mobile. Apart from that, correcting duplicate indexing in your website, apart from this there are many techniques which we will use in technical SEO.

Let us know what techniques are used in on-page SEO and off-page SEO.Whenever we hear technical words, we get nervous as we don’t know what technology we are talking about. Here you will know what techniques are used in seo. First let us talk about what is technical SEO, Is this SEO type? 

Two types of techniques, namely on-page and off-page, utilize both white hat and black hat methods. Technical SEO is to improve the technical aspects of any website. Technical SEO is basically a part of on page. This is why it is technical. You should know coding to use it. A developer basically uses it. This does not mean that our role ends in this. Getting your site better crawled and indexed is crucial for ranking any site, especially in technical SEO.

Any search engine should be able to crawl it properly and read it properly with the help of a spider. On the basis of the same crawling, whatever data has been taken from our website, it can be found in good categories or better indexing can be done. So for both these things that are crawling and indexing, I need to know the technical aspects of my website.

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What are the use of sitemap in Search engine optimization :-

From the name of the site map itself it is clear that this is the map of your website. Here is the complete data about what is there on your website, and if any person comes to your website, he will scroll through it.

So the question is who comes to our website? See, two people will come to our website, And both are very important for us. The first person to come is the crawler, so the curler should be able to crawl the website properly, that is, they should be able to crawl our entire website properly. For this we would like it to get complete navigation. And the second person who will come to our website will be our audience. We create different types of site maps for both. Simply we can say that a site map is a list of your website URL. It acts as a roadmap to tell search engines what and where content is available. 

  • Sitemap. Xml (For crawler):- This file listed as an important page. So that search engine can crawl  them all. It helps to understand your website structure.  
  • Sitemap. HTML(For audience):- This site map is a list of links to the main page of a website. It helps the user to find the desired section or page of the website. 

What are backlinks? and why is it important in Search engine optimization ?

A backlink is a link on one website to another website. When an external website puts a link from our website in its content, we will call that link backlinks. Backlinks are very important for our website because they decide how much authority we have. Links are coming to our website from so many different websites. Sometimes, backlinks are not as crucial, and no website should have excessive optimization or linking. So if you are doing off-page SEO, then do not do too much off-page optimization.

You have to keep in mind that you have to optimize backlinks only on good websites. One quality backlink outweighs a thousand backlinks. Even if you create fewer backlinks, it will work but it should be such that it generates traffic to your website. And our website should be trust proof in front of SEO. The only thing to keep in mind is quality over quantity, focus on quality not quantity. In this way, using backlinks will allow you to give your website a proper boost; otherwise, it will be considered spam.

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