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Types of Different Marketing Videos

Video marketing is an important technology that provides businesses with a unique medium to build contact and engagement with their target customers. In this blog, we will discuss the Types of Different Marketing videos that can help businesses meet their objectives. These videos can create a niche in the audience’s mind with a direct and impactful message. 

In this blog, we will discuss “Types of Different Marketing Videos” and help businesses to know how they can use these different types of videos.

  1. Explainer Video
  2. App Promotional Video
  3. Motion Graphic
  4. Whiteboard Animation
  5. Corporate video
  6. Kinetic Videos
  7. E-Learning video
  8. Product Intro Video
  9. Live Action Videos
  10. 2D Animation
  11. 3D AnimationExplainer Video – An explainer video is a type of video whose main purpose is to simply explain a topic or product. These videos are simple and engaging that convey the message well.

Animation, illustrations, and short video clips are used in explainer videos. These elements help the audience to understand the point easily. Also, these videos are engaging and creative which helps in attracting the attention of the viewers.

Explainer videos are used by businesses to communicate a product or service. These videos facilitate business as they help in conveying the message easily. Merchants can easily explain the benefits of their product or service through these videos and it helps them to enhance their business identity.

2. App Promotional Video- An app promotional video is a video that introduces the features, usefulness, and benefits of your app. This video is made to promote your app effectively

In an app promotional video, you can use explainer videos, animations, and screen recordings to show off your app’s features. This video helps to make your app’s users aware of the advantages, ease of use, and unique features of your app. With app promotional videos, you can get more users by showcasing your app in the market. 

In addition, app promotional videos can be shared across social media platforms, websites, and app stores. This video helps enhance your app’s visibility and credibility and helps you stand out from your competition with your museum.

3. Motion Graphic video – In motion graphic video, you can create attractive graphics using a variety of techniques. It uses animation, transition, effects, and illustration. Together, these elements transform your story and provide viewers with an interesting and engaging video-viewing experience.

Motion graphic videos are used in advertising, title animations, content displays, shared content, social media posts, and video ads. Through it, you can make your brand more engaging, feature your content and engage your audience with your story.

If you want to make videos with attractive and dynamic graphics, then Motion Graphic Video can be useful for you. Through this, you can convey your story to the audience and impress them through your videos.

4. Whiteboard Animation video – This is an interesting technique used to bring to life drawings and objects drawn on a whiteboard. It provides a demonstration over time of creating, rotating, and erasing images and text. 

In a whiteboard animation video, you can animate the images on the whiteboard to help the viewer understand a point more simply. This video is widely used in the field of education, business, and advertising.

Whiteboard animation is used by businesses to showcase their products and services. It is a simple and concise way that helps in conveying the message of the merchant to the audience easily.

With whiteboard animations, you can make discussions, presentations, and tutorials interesting and simple. Moreover, this video helps to make your story unique and memorable and provides engagement through video to your audience. (Types of Different MarketingVideo)

5. Corporate video – In corporate videos, dynamic videos are used to showcase various aspects and features of your company. Through this, you can sensitize your audience to show the quality of your product or services, their features, and their benefits.

With a corporate video, you can also showcase your company’s ideas, mission, and core values. This video helps to present your enterprise and helps in increasing the reputation of your company.

Through corporate videos, you can convey your brand’s presence, features, and professionalism to merchants or new customers. This video will help you to promote your business effectively and will help you to get ahead of your competition.

6. Kinetic Videos – In these videos, you can see pictures and text moving, changing, and changing.

Kinetic video is used in various industries where businesses, advertising, and organizations need to present a logo, text, or message in an attractive and cohesive way.

Through Kinetic Video, you can easily share information on the features, benefits and usage of products or services. This video helps promote your business and inspires your audience to engage with your content.

In kinetic video, images, shapes, and text are made dynamic by animating them. This allows you to clearly share your message with your audience and make the business message engaging.

7. E-Learning video –  In e-learning videos, subject-related information is presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. These videos use graphics, animations, charts, and other technical elements. This gives the message easily to the students and helps in understanding the subject.

In these videos, students get information about subjects in an accessible and interesting manner.

E-learning videos are used in various educational platforms and courses. This video helps the students to easily understand the subject material, acquire new knowledge and generate interest.

Through e-learning videos, students can stay at their own pace, watch the videos over and over again and study according to their own timing. These videos save the students from long and structured text material and give them an opportunity to gain knowledge easily.

8. Product Intro Video – This video gives you an overview of the product and informs the audience about its features and benefits. In product intro videos, the product is introduced in various partial and condensed ways. It uses video graphics, animations, and text to illustrate the features, uses, and uniqueness of the product.

Through product intro videos, viewers can understand the quality, utility, and uniqueness of the product. Moreover, video helps you showcase your product to the potential of the audience and helps you to get ahead of the competition in the field of marketing.

Product intro videos are used in product marketing and promotion. This video briefly explains the salient and unique features of the product by showcasing its features. It helps to make the product relevant and interesting to the audience. (Types of Different MarketingVideo)

9. Live-Action Video – Live-action videos are used in a variety of fields, such as television, film, concerts, and social media. These videos are created for live events, celebrations, product promotions, and for commercial purposes.

In live-action videos, the control and presentation of the action take place in real time. In this, acting, speaking, and court action are shown with extreme realism.

In live-action videos, viewers can enjoy the events happening in real-time. In this, acting, singing, dancing, and other performing arts can be seen in real form.

10.  2D Animation video – 2D animation video is used in a variety of fields, such as cartoons, video games, and commercial videos. It is used in the video industry to enhance colorfulness and vibrancy.

Through 2D animation videos, the story is told in a colorful and adventurous manner. In this, with the help of dynamism and animation of pictures, the audience gets colorful and fun messages.

To create a 2D animation video, artists animate images by collecting them and rendering them with a wavelike movement. In this, after each picture, another picture is displayed gradually, due to which updating is done from one picture to another. Videos are an engaging and effective way to entertain your audience and share a message.

11. 3D Animation video – 3D animation video is used in movies, video games, television shows, and commercial projects. This video enhances colorfulness, dynamism, and realism.

This video is created using triangulated images with reality. Creating 3D animation videos requires artists to animate visible objects in three dimensions. This video is created using various programs and technology.

Through 3D animation videos, viewers get a chance to enjoy the images created in three dimensions. It depicts the movement, color, and movement of objects to make the pictures feel real and alive.


Video marketing can help businesses meet their objectives. Through this blog titled “Types of Different MarketingVideo” we have discussed the different types of marketing videos. You can choose one or more of these types as per your business needs and objectives and use them to establish a strong connection with your target audience.

Video marketing can help your business stand out and help you stand out from the competition. So, make use of this important marketing tool and grow your business.

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