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What is Panda and Penguin in SEO? How will this be helped in recent times to increase the SEO?

SEO is the major accept to increase the  overall traffic.  It can help to rank the website through google. Incorporate the new term perfectly into SEO. That is  panda and penguin in  SEO. Have you ever thought that despite having so many search engines, Google still has a monopoly? Or why is Google so popular? See, when we type something on Google, it exactly gives us related searches. So how does Google know about so many billions of data, and what are its measurements? Does it have benchmarks by which it searches and delivers relevant searches to our audience? So its main reason is Google’s very amazing algorithm.

Now we can discuss Panda and Penguin in SEO? And also SEO uses the top algorithm.

First let us know what the algorithm is? If we talk about Google, Google’s scroller or spider crawls it and reads the entire data. And stores it in the local server. Then from that Google server, Google’s indexer divides it into different categories and stores it in its main server. After that  when the user’s main task comes to that server. It shows data, displays different websites, shows images, shows videos, and so on according to it.

SERP, which is a search engine result page, shows all this. The job of all the SEO experts here is to understand those SEOs, and then bring changes in their website accordingly so that our website ranks higher whenever anyone comes with any query related to our business. Now let’s talk about how many algorithms are there, or if someone changes, the change is so small that you will not even be able to notice it. But sometimes major changes come.

  • Panda:- Panda was one such algorithm which came in 2011. Before 2011, people used to take content from here and there. Or copied it from another website. And basically what we call thin content. Thin content means that which has no value. This algorithm of Google asked to remove duplicate content and thin content. If anyone has found thin content or duplicate content on the website, or if there has been over keyword stuffing, please report it. That is, someone has forcibly filled keywords or repeated keywords. So Google will downrank such a website. That is  it will not give a good ranking. Duplicating or creating too much thin content may result in your site being blocked. This update came in 2011 and has created a blast in the world of SEO. The earlier approach that was being used had to change.

Now the question is that if things go well according to Panda, what should you do about it ?

Avoid using duplicate content and have quality content written by your content writer. Ensure that the content on your website is original, and avoid copying and pasting from anywhere. Focus has to be on overall quality content.   

  • Penguin :- It came in 2012. It was implemented in 2015. Or in other words, its symptoms start appearing in reality. Before 2012, what used to happen was that people started creating too many backlinks. Backlink means that you create a link to your website on another website. What used to happen before was that people used to send too many links and create backlinks. Many times, we have also observed link spamming. As soon as this algorithm came, it asked to remove link spamming. Or whatever website is using the link incorrectly. Or we can say that it is creating backlinks in an unnatural way. Those websites were ranked down. 

Now the question is that if things go well according to Penguin what should you do about it ? 

For this, users have to create quality backlinks for their website. Or if it is a quality domain then you have to focus on it. If you have a link on a high domain, and you have 100 Unnatural backlinks, then it is equal. Even if you create less backlinks, create quality based backlinks. 

  • Hummingbeign :- This algorithm was introduced in 2013, and it stopped keyword stuffing according to its guidelines. That means all the people who are typing keywords related to business. Their keyword is appearing in every single word, which means keyword density has been very much focused. 

Now the question comes,  how will you deal with this? 

For this, the simple thing is that you do not have to do too much keyword stuffing. Keep checking your keyword density from time to time. And write quality content then you will be able to deal with the hummingbird algorithm and get good ranking.

  • Rankbrain:-  Now let us talk about an important algorithm, and the name of that algorithm is RankBrain. It came in 2015. And Google itself has said that this is a very important algorithm. So basically Google’s Man  was in this algorithm. That those dreams reach the user best And deliver relevant information. Because as I told you, why Google is the best is because it has very relevant search data to you. 

So what does Google expect from us that you tell it the truth about what your content is about ?   

You must always write relevant content on Twitter, and the keywords you enter should align with the user’s intent. This algorithm introduced the use of user intent keywords. And your social media representation should also be related to your content in some way or the other. Also you can increase your social media reputation. You can boost your website even more by creating related pages on different social media. Because we have related content which is according to user intent. 

  • Page experience update:-  It came in 2021. What happened in this update is that Google started noticing that whenever a user is visiting a website, what kind of user experience he is getting. In this update, Google said that whichever website has a good Google experience. Google will rank higher the page which has low time, work, stable pages, or quality content. So now the importance of technical SEO has increased. So this is why it is said that the importance of technical SEO has increased. That is why it is said that technical SEO is a very big part. And its region is also mentioned somewhere in this page Experience Update. By the way, Google has said many times that the user experience should be good. Pages run smoothly. Improve page experience. Or the user experience should be good.

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