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What is the difference between a UI and UX design?

First of all it is important to know what is UI or UX design? UI design is commonly known for  User Interface design. It is the process of creating the visible element and layout of the digital product. It makes it easy for the user to interact  with and use. In common language, UI design is all about your device (computer and phone) looking nice. It includes the colors, fonts, buttons, and arranging everything on the screen.

Good UI design makes technology feel friendly and user friendly. In today’s world it has become more enjoyable and efficient for people to use digital devices and software. Let’s take an example to get a clear understanding. If you use a mobile phone or a laptop. You are very well aware of those icons, buttons, and menu. That you can touch or click to do things like sending messages, playing a game and so on. UI design is all about making those things look good and work well.

UX design is also  known as user experience design. It always focuses on creating a positive and meaningful experience for users. When they interact with the product or a service. It is the overall journey and emotions a user goes through while using a product. In simple terms, the UX design is to increase user satisfaction. And it also makes sure  that the product is user friendly and efficient. User and Usability testing is also very much important.

What is the difference between a UI and UX design?

In UX design, human first way of product design. In UX applications physical and digital products are used. The main focus is competitor analysis, customer analysis and user research. This design makes the product structure and strategy as well as. This also helps with content development. This design also focuses on problem solving. 

Whereas, in UI design, they do icons, buttons, and animation. They attract the customer’s attention. Choose a different type of color palettes. It creates a visual style guide. It also creates a wireframe and prototype. It can be sure the design is always responsive. 

 Key skills of UI and UX design:-

In UX design, the main key is to collaborate , communicate, and open mindedness. In this design they always show empathy.  The key skill of a designer to continuous learning. These software are also able to solve the problems. And  also think of something new. The product and service which is given by the designer make sure it should be familiar to use. User and Usability testing is also very much important. 

The key skill of a UI designer is also needed for collaboration, communication, and open mindedness. Adaptability is more required. The designer always uses visual branding skills. Such as typography, color, theory, icon, design etc. Designers have to have knowledge of responsive design. In the UI design, the use of animation helps to attract the buyers towards your product.

Where do UX and UI fit into the product development process? 

  • The UX designer or UX researcher conducts the user research. 
  • The UX designer and business stakeholder, come up with a product idea. 
  • The UX designer determines the information architecture, sketches out wireframes, and low prototypes. 
  • The UX designer carries out some initial user testing before handing over to the UI designer.
  • The UI designer determines all the visuals and interactive properties of the product.  Example  choosing the color scheme, designing icons and typography and also creating animations. 
  • The UI designer creates interactive high field prototypes for further user testing. 
  • The developers create the final design after receiving it from the UI designer. 

Example of UX and UI design to more understanding:-

When comparing UI and UX, both develop processes and systems with the user in mind. One focuses on the overall experience, while the other focuses on the opportunities for interaction through visuals. UX has a lot to do with brand building. A positive UX may grow the competition and corner a market. The facility  of next-day or two-day delivery has made this method of shopping highly attractive to consumers. Amazon’s UI design deals with the layout of the website, the search bar and clarity of information on product pages. UI designers might think about making it clear if a product is eligible for two-day shipping through the use of icons, or build a light  button to encourage users to check out with one click. 

The UX and UI  design can help in this way. It is very easy to use. The customer can attract towards the product and service. They go hand in hand. You can’t stable one without another.

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