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What is the Importance of Video Content Marketing ? Explain with an example. 

In today’s world, people spend more time on the screen. Whether it is television or mobile phone. If any businessman wants to promote their  business. Then they can make a video of his product and upload it on the Internet. Video content marketing is targeting individuals so easily that anyone can be reached. In video marketing strategy, every businessman promotes relevant content that attracts customers. In this, the brand of the product shows how to use the product and its benefits. This is a very good marketing strategy.

Because even in traditional times, businessmen did not have this technology, due to which they could not supply their products to the country and abroad. But now it is not so, nowadays video marketing has become very important, whenever a businessman has to sell his product, he can do it easily. In today’s time the  importance of Video Content Marketing. Businessmen can easily grab the customer’s attention through this. They can provide an interesting video among the customers. This helps to attract the customer towards their product. 

 How Video Content Marketing helps to grab the customers?  

Nowadays video marketing is very much in trend. In the last decade and a half, people are very much connected with social life. In such a situation, people use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and apps like WhatsApp a lot. Nowadays people spend a lot of their time on apps  like YouTube and Netflix. People have proved this fact that in today’s generation they are more interested in watching videos rather than in the form of text and images. One special thing about video marketing is that businessmen can boost their brand even more. More and more people will be able to know about your product through video marketing.

Video marketing also increases customer engagement which is a positive sign for every producer. But in all this it is most important that where your video is ranking, how many people are able to pay attention to it, how many people are following your video page, you can also see who  gives more time to your blog. The product interests many people. Even after reading the blog to save their time. Even then, if people are watching the video, then it is very challenging for the   producer. Whatever content  they can show in the video, people must like his content. 

IMPORTANCE OF Video Content Marketing to the market area :-

  •  Help condense information:-  Video content marketing is such a combination of listening and watching that more and more people are interested in your videos. The most interesting thing in this is that it is said that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words. I know that is going to sound crazy. But yes it is true.
  • Improve information retention:-  The video should be very memorable and engaging so that the image of that product is formed in the mind of whoever is watching that video. So that whenever he purchases that product, he will take your brand product. Video content helps people retain 95% of the information contained in them.
  • Have a huge reach:-  In a few days, video marketing is most popular in the field of business and marketing. It can help to reach the audience out of the world. They have announced that video content increases the audience reach of nearly 93% worldwide.
  • Increase share:-  With the help of video marketing content, there is an increase in share along with business. As people purchase the product, the market share of every businessman also increases. The increase in market share is very important because if the share increases then their profit will also increase. In fact, if you upload a video on social media, your share increases by 1200%.
  • Educate prospective customers:-  Education is a way through which customers can understand the product very quickly. That means it is very important to provide product education so that people can understand that product, how to use it, or why that product is important for the customer. We can also reach that education to our customers with the help of social channels. 96% of potential customers look for videos to learn more about a product or service.   Trust me, they won’t soon forget it, and you’ll create a powerful connection with them.
  • Encourage purchase decisions:- There is no doubt that video content marketing helps people a lot in purchasing the product. And along with this it also helps in fulfilling its goal. To fulfill any goal, the most important thing is how much it sells. And it helps to achieve whatever the target of the businessman is. 8 to 10% of people often buy the product  when they see the video. After that they will Interested in purchasing.

Video Content Marketing Examples:-

  1. Explainer videos :-  Explainer is a style of video in which it explains the product in a very simple way. Whatever information is going to the customer is very clear, concise, and memorable. They use animation characters as per the situation in this. This will attract customers to its product more quickly.
  1. Testimonial video :- In this, people often have the option to test the product so that they can understand how the quality of the product is. And at the same time it gives a positive impression on the customer. Now it is obvious that if the customer likes the product after using the product, then he will buy a bigger pack instead of its trail pack.
  1. Product video :- Product video helps a lot in purchasing any product. After watching the video of Kinder Joy, small children became interested in purchasing it. Sometimes the packaging and representation of a product is so good that people become interested in purchasing that product.
  1. How to video:- If someone is making a video, they should keep the video short and sweet. So that people do not get bored watching the content of the video. And a little bit should be compared with real life so that people know that yes they really need this product. And the content of the video should be such that everyone understands that video so that people can understand the importance of using it in their life. 

In this way, we can say that Video Content Marketing is very much helpful for increasing the overall share of the business.  

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