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What is the difference between b2b or b2c marketing ?

Firstly, we know what b2b or b2c marketing is. “B2B” stands for “business to business.” While “B2C” stands for “business to customers.” Let’s take an example if any car manufacturer purchases some car equipment like tires or something else with another businessman so it is  in the business to business marketing. In b2b the business person can connect with some other businessman. If the customer purchases some product like cosmetics and for some personal use it can be categorized in the business to the customer marketing . 

Let’s talk about similarities of b2b or b2c marketing:-

Before we divide into some differences of b2b or b2c marketing. Let’s talk about some similarities. If any one can do b2b or b2c, but behind both groups are real people.  Marketers need to build trust in order to make a sale. You must clarify the customer specific problem. Sometimes you need to give the option to contact through different channels. You must continue the customer journey even after the  sales are happy. Marketers can recognize the people on an individual basis. Businessmen easily need to identify the target customer. Businessmen  can easily target  potential customers who are willing to spend money on a product or service. 

Highlight some differences of b2b or b2c marketing:-

Here are some basic differences of b2b or b2c marketing:- 

  • Users groups(b2b) vs. individual groups(b2c):-  In b2b normally  technical products are purchased for a business purpose. To purchase the technical product a group of people come to purchase. But in b2c only the individual can purchase the product according to their needs.
  • Detailed information vs. broad description:- The information is more detailed based on technical product. If any one can purchase the technical item then it must want a description in a more detailed way. In B2C, the seller can only share necessary information. For example, if an individual purchases the face cream, the description can define some necessary terms. But if some business person can  purchase the tires of a car so they know more about it. 
  • Rational vs emotional:-  Businessmen can tend to more rational messages. B2b buyers tend to be more planned and logical with a specific rate of return(ROI). Whereas in b2c you tend to have a more rational message. Because sometimes a person can purchase a product if they have no use of it. Think of a person buying a new car. 
  • Higher price vs. lower price:- High price is more important in the b2b marketing. Because in B2B, people must be well-informed to make purchasing decisions. And also if any businessman can purchase the  technical product it contains a higher price. On the other hand, B2C prices can be low in comparison to B2B. There is a reason behind this: B2C buyers have a greater need to be well-informed in order to make purchasing decisions. They give some charge for shipping of a product.
  • Large scale vs. personal use:- In b2b their products are sold on a very large scale. The businessman can deal with their customers on a very large scale. Just think of a new laptop for all employees. But in b2c the customer can purchase their product for personal use. Or sometimes people can purchase for their friends, family or other people in their household. Think  of getting a new phone. 
  • Educational vs. fun :-  In B2B marketing, the businessman can primarily use industry jargon (expressions used in specialized or technical ways) or business-friendly terms. Although in b2c customers tend to expect content that is more fun to enjoy. This businessman can avoid the jargon(expressions that are used in special or technical ways). In this the people can see their ads on social media.  

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Some steps to follow Avoid mistakes between B2B vs. B2C marketing

If you sell any kind of product it can be technical or it can be normal. Mistakes occur in the time selling the product. So businessmen can avoid mistakes between b2b or b2c marketing. 

  1. Overcomplicating your message :- Most of the time the businessman can deliver a complicated message no matter what the business profile is. The businessman should deliver simplified content. That’s easy for the customer to gain your information without any hassle. 
  1.  Not offering time consuming content:-  In the busy world time is money for everyone. So you must not offer the time consuming content. Although individuals are educated, it doesn’t imply that they are willing to read an entire white paper on the benefits of your product and services.
  1. Neglecting b2b social media marketing:- If you compare the b2b and b2c. You will notice that social media is often exclusive in  b2c medium. Although social media networks like :- LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter  or YouTube can be fruitful channels add to be b2b marketing can be easiest. 
  1. Avoid segmentation:- In any of the marketing fields it  marketer must be the target niche. So the company can treat all its clients in a very similar way. So try to segment your b2b clients into groups depending on their industry, size, country, or the like. Divide your  work into multiple fields – healthcare, IT, and finances, among others – so we are aware of the specific needs of each industry we work with.

In this way we can say that, b2b and b2c work in a very different manner. But, we see that there are many similarities between the b2b or b2c. Both are very helpful in the sales or grow the business of the marketer. If the businessman can follow the right way to sell their product it can be very easy to target their potential customer. Without the b2b economy, there would be no supply chain.  But , In term of market, b2c is more profitable as you can sell a product to many different individuals. So we can say that both are important to the growth of the Indian economy. 

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