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What is Video Storytelling ? Benefits of Using Video Storytelling in Marketing.

If we talk about advertisements, then storytelling is the most important part.  Marketers have to convenience the audience through storytelling. Video storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in video production that helps the audience stay connected. There is no doubt that video storytelling is one of the powerful weapons. It communicate a message or a story through video content.  By combining visual and auditory elements, video storytelling can create an emotion to engage with their audience. In India, people need to comprehend advertisements as emotional stories. They easily relate to them if they want to attract attention to themselves. Using Video Storytelling in Marketing is to generate the rate of interest. Truly speaking, storytelling is an advantage of any business in this they tell about the brand, business, or a product. 

What are the benefits of Using Video Storytelling in Marketing ?

There are many Using Video Storytelling in Marketing. But now  I would like to focus on an important one.

  • Making your content more engaging:- The most important thing about storytelling in any campaign is that it attracts people towards itself. And keeps people engaged. The person creating the advertisement must consider the angle and sound effects to attract people’s attention. One should keep in mind that the advertisement needs to be very short and concise so that people watch it attentively and remember its lines for a long time.
  • Leaving a long lasting impression:- Although many advertising videos are made these days, and people watch them, if there is no story in that advertisement, then people are not able to connect with it. Due to which it will be difficult to remember them. Therefore, whoever is making the video should keep in mind that the story should be related to the customer so that they feel that it is very important for them to buy this product because they are also going through the same condition. If the people can easily relate them then it will be a long lasting impression of the advertisement . 
  • Standing out from the crowd:-  If the advertisement is something new or different. It means that, in your advertisement there are some catchy lines. Or using some animation. That attracts the customer on its own. It stands out from the crowd. Using different lines, color,animation that attract the customer very easily. Even those who have seen those videos can memorize that video so easily. 
  • Improve the conversion rate:- By creating an emotional connection through advertising with your audience. In this time people can increase their trust in your brand. People actually love to watch your video then, the conversion rate increases. 
  • Stories are more memorable than numbers:-  An expert has said that people remember  pictures more than  22 times numbers. This is because words are clearer than pictures. Video creates emotions, climax and entertainment. Presents that video does it with great confidence so that the audience listens to him carefully and takes interest in watching the video. 
  • Storytelling Offers a Competitive Advantage:- It is very important for any organization that its story should be different from other organizations so that it can take its stand in the market. They can show or tell something interesting in their video that is different from other companies. If they show emotional things in their videos, then people will be more attracted to him than logical ones. on eBay with a twist, the objects featured heartfelt, well-written and purposeful short stories in the descriptions. 
  • Create Compelling Marketing Campaigns:- Such a story should be made so that people remember it for a long time. Many organizations have the power to attract customers through storytelling. This is very beneficial for the company. There is a very creative minded person, then he can create such a story with his creativity that the customer will see the video himself be attracted towards that product. If a marketing expert can also give the knowledge of his product to the people through his story by telling the secrets of his product.  
  • Stories Transfer Values and Beliefs on the Audience:- Story telling increases people’s value and trust, because in storytelling marketer are told all those things which are actually present in that product. As we can gather from an example, when a person narrates the story of a Bournvita advertisement, they will include details such as its potent qualities and the benefits one can attain from using the product. This increases the customer’s value or belief towards that product.

In today’s time, without storytelling it has become difficult to find out which is the right brand. Storytelling assures people that this product is of the best quality. It attracts people towards that product. It also creates a connection among people towards the product. Look at the story’s meaning, create content, And it defines a purpose. If storytelling is done in any business, then people can relate to it well. People are able to connect their emotions directly with that product.

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