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Some YouTube Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023.

In the online era, Youtube is a video making platform. YouTube is such a platform where you will get to watch every type of video, if anyone wants to learn something, it is easily available on YouTube. It is the second biggest search engine on the planet. In modern times the youtube video marketing statistics is very much needed. Because the competition is on a very high level. Video marketing is an adaptable tool to convey your message, build your brand, and also convert into sales. More than 500  million people watch youtube videos  on a daily basis. Day by day the time spent on watching videos has increased.

Youtube videos  also help in marketing and increase revenue. Video can help 90% of online shoppers make a purchase decision. It can help build a strategy in 2023. The people who can use the youtube application. This type of application can attract the customer more easily. Every day some new update comes here, similarly this time in 2023 there was an update of shorts on YouTube in which people can enjoy shorts in short video form. 

Here are 6 YouTube Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023.

  • On YouTube, your audience is broad and bigger than you think:-  If a marketer wants to popularize his product, then YouTube is a very good platform for him. On YouTube, your audience is broader, and bigger, than you think. YouTube gives a lot of flexibility to the marketer due to which they can give the knowledge of their product to more people. Here, most of the people between the age group of 18 to 49 are active on YouTube. The marketer can make his own strategy and show his products by targeting these people. This is a huge market to connect customers easily.
  • Youtube is ideal for mobile content:- Earlier people did not use mobile phones that much. At that time only TV was used. But now it is not so in 2023, nowadays most of the people have started using mobile. People between the ages of 18 to 49 mostly use YouTube because they are interested in learning. If they want to buy a product or go to some place, then they search on YouTube so that they can know the reviews. In such a situation, if you are doing marketing on YouTube, then you can easily target those customers who are interested in knowing about you. If the marketer wants to know the details of that time, he can easily do so. Similarly, he can also send mail to his interested customer. So that a personal connection can be formed between him and his customer.
  • You can’t find a bigger audience pool anywhere else :- when it comes to youtube marketing strategy, YouTube is a very big platform where millions of people are using this feature. There is also a slightly higher risk given the volume of data that YouTube handles. People like the content of YouTube very much. No other platforms,  not even  Netflix and Facebook,combine to match the billion hours a day. They even match more people like YouTube these days. YouTube is more popular not only in India but also in other countries.
  • YouTube serves as an ideal platform for reaching millennials:-   While generation Z isn’t quite there yet to be the next focus demographic of most marketing campaigns, youtube doesn’t disappoint. The ability to engage millennials continues to be a fundamental piece in almost every marketing effort. Increase TV campaigns through youtube advertising. By creating amazing videos, focus on location, language, targeting and more. Youtubers can invest in high quality video. They can make a strategy about where the ads will appear. Then the interested people can watch their advertisements more and more.  It increases the reach more. 
  • YouTube viewers LOVE “How-to” content :-  most of the people :- Pay attention to what the content of the video is. Is the video useful for them or not? How is the quality of the video? It’s really no surprise that how-to videos have become a dominant type of content on YouTube. Most people start the content of their videos with how to, so that people remain curious about what they are going to tell in this video. This video  type grows by an average of 70% per year. 
  • YouTube’s AI is the puppet master over most of what you watch:- Firstly, AI means artificial intelligence. Machine ability to perform the function we associate with the human mind. It will increase more in 2023. It is very helpful in today’s time. Marketers can also use the concept of AI. It  helps the marketer have to make the AI video that helps to reach the consumer.  The ability to personalize a library of video is crucial for the service. AI recommendation is very much suitable for the youtube videos in 2023. It helps to bring up effectiveness of content and average engagement of the site.  

Benefits of YouTube Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023.

 After COVID19, many people are jobless. Some people are fired from their jobs. If any youth does not have a job then that person will go into a situation of depression.Then many people started marketing themselves on YouTube, some became influencers, thus YouTube opened the way for people to earn in 2023. The youth and the generation z can mostly use the application. In fact they can engage more on youtube other than social media.

If the people also want to upload the video then they can easily do that. In 2023,  freshers can easily find the trick of how to pass the interview. Or they can get the tips from youtube on how to crack the upsc interview.  Different people can use youtube according to their demographic or different purpose. If any marketer can increase the awareness of the product, they can post the product video on youtube. After uploading, people can watch their video and they can purchase the product. 

In this way we can say that, YouTube Video Marketing Statistics is very much helpful in today’s time. Now people have got the opportunity to create their own market and grow it easily and with the help of YouTube. They can also target their consumers. They can promote their products not only in the country but also abroad. 

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