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YouTube SEO Tips to Improve your Video Ranking :-

Youtube  is a free video sharing website.  It makes it easy to see the online videos. People can even create and upload the video if they can. On average, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, there was something always new to watch. You can find educational videos, entertaining videos, spiritual kinds of video and so on. People like to watch all these kinds of videos.  Some youtube SEO tips to improve your video ranking. People can upload their video but they cannot handle the  seo video ranking. The question that comes in people’s mind is whether YouTube is right for everyone to watch? With so many videos on YouTube, it’s important to note that not all YouTube videos are suitable for everyone, especially children under 13.

Some youtube SEO tips to improve your video:-

Being successful on youtube is not so easy. If you rise on youtube, then you will get some youtube seo tips to improve your video ranking. 

  • Make a high retention video:The most important thing is that if you are making a video, then people should watch your video again and again. For that, the content of your video should be different from other videos, so that people watch your video with interest and suggest others to watch it too. 
  • Write an engagement script:- Whoever is writing the content of a YouTube video should have good knowledge about his video. So that he will be able to convey his message to the people. He should use words in his content which people can easily understand. Its content should be such that people take interest in watching its videos. Whoever is writing the content must keep in mind that they should create content that is very simple and in easy language.
  •  Have a focus keyword:- keywords are the foundation of any seo. Whenever a user types a word or paragraph in the search bar, YouTube will show a high quality video. If you are uploading a video on YouTube, then you have to keep in mind that there should be some keywords in your video which target the audience or attract them towards you. Keywords are very important to rank SEO. Many times people’s videos do not become popular because they have not used keywords in their videos.
  • Optimize the video file name:-  Many times people make their videos with great effort, but they do not save their videos properly. It is very important to save your video in the correct format so that anyone can search your file directly and come to your video. When you save your video properly, it will look like this, “VID_27122023.mp4”. This is the right way to save your YouTube videos. There is a high chance that SEO will grow very fast in your YouTube videos.  
  • Insert your keyword in the video title:- It is very important to have keywords in the video, without keywords you will never be able to rank in SEO. If someone is making the title of a video, then he has to take special care that his video contains keywords. So that if any user searches by entering a specific keyword, it will be very important. Keywords play a very important role in ranking your SEO. Also, if you make your video reach people with keywords, then people remember it for a longer time.
  • Write a smart video description :- Whenever you make a YouTube video, one more thing has to be kept in mind that you can create a smart or short video. This is for those people who are watching your video for the first time, it will be beneficial for them that after watching this short video, their interest in watching your entire video will increase. which will make people very curious Will be interested in watching your full video. Remember that your short or smart video should attract people a lot. There should be some mysterious things so that people remember them for a long time and at the same time people are curious to watch that video of yours. 
  • Find the right tags:-  Tags are essential for ranking video. If anyone wants to get their YouTube ranking, then they should also use keywords in their meta tags, so that that video gets more popularity. Tags have a very important role for SEO ranking on YouTube. You can search videos related to your subject on YouTube. And also you do it by doing correct indexing. But you can also recommend related videos.
  • Create transcriptions and captions for the videos:-  Captions are most important to rank your YouTube. Because in today’s time no one is interested in watching such a long video. If you add captions along with your video then people will be attracted to your video to see. Also, if the caption is crisp and sweet   then people will automatically get attracted towards your video.
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail:- Apart from title, thumbnail is a very important part which users look at very carefully. After the title, the thumbnail is an element that users look at very guardedly. Users should always remember that, in addition to the title of their YouTube channel, they should create a highly attractive thumbnail to capture people’s attention and encourage them to click on the video. It can Improve your  youtube Video. 
  • Add subtitles and closed captions:- Make sure you can just add subtitles. Sometimes the user can’t listen or understand the video properly. Subtitles and captions can help to better understand. Users can easily attract through those videos which can provide the subtitles and captions. 
  • Promote your YouTube channel and videos:- Make sure you can promote your youtube channel on social media such as whatsapp, facebook,  and apps like instagram. Instagram is one of the most prominent social media channels, which can use this app very frequently.  Youtubers can share their links with their contacts to get more reach on their website. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to rank your youtube fast. Optimization is only a long term strategy which requires patience and hard work. It may take some time to rank your video with the help of crawlers. In this way we can say that,  here are some Youtube SEO tips to improve your Video. 

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